Resolution #35

Exemption to the Self-Sufficiency Wage

Whereas, the Workforce Investment Act requires local workforce boards to adopt a definition of self-sufficiency;

Whereas, on September 26, 2001, the Workforce Development Board of Oswego County passed Resolution #25, which revised the self-sufficiency wage rate to $18 per hour, and

Whereas, the DET utilizes the self-sufficiency rate to provide the eligibility criteria for many of its training programs, and

Whereas, recent experience has shown that many local businesses have a need for customized training for their employees in order to remain competitive in their respective industries, and

Whereas, many of these employees are paid wages in excess of the current self-sufficiency wage and would otherwise be ineligible to receive certain training funds;

Therefore Let It Be Resolved, that on this day March 19, 2003, the Workforce Development Board of Oswego County hereby approves that:
In cases where a business (or group of businesses) engages in a customized training program, participant workers must be assessed to determine their need for the training services.  Workers who have been assessed to need the services will not be subject to the wage limitations noted in the self-sufficiency definition for the purposes of customized training only.

David Vickery, Chair
Workforce Development Board of Oswego County