Resolution # 32

Prioritization of the Health Care Industry

Whereas, the Workforce Development Board is responsible for identifying industry specific labor shortages and developing training programs that address the skills required to adequately prepare workers in those industries, and


Whereas, recent surveys and other job market information have indicated that a shortage of trained workers currently exists in the Health Care Industry, and


Whereas, the Board recognizes the need to address this shortage in the present by supporting training for employers and incumbent workers and; in the near term through the education and training of the emerging workforce and; in the future by supporting curriculum development at the elementary school level.


Whereas, the Board will host a Health Care Forum for employers, training providers and funders to implement a strategy


THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED, that on this day June 19, 2002, the Workforce Development Board of Oswego County hereby directs the Department of Employment & Training to give priority to individuals who seek training in the Health Care field and provide subsidy to employers who want to train people for future employment or upgrade the skills of current people in this field.  Be it further resolved that the Board authorizes the DET to provide funds for the tuition of eligible youth to participate in the New Visions and Horizons to Health Careers program.  And be it further resolved that the Board will support the development of a Health Care component of Project SMART, which will be focused on the application of science, math, and technology in the Health Care field. 


David Vickery, Chair                                                              

Workforce Development Board of Oswego County