Resolution # 25

Modifying the Definition of Self Sufficiency



Whereas, the Workforce Investment Act requires local workforce investment boards to adopt a definition of self sufficiency;


Whereas, in 1999, the Workforce Development Board of Oswego County adopted a definition as 200% of the poverty guidelines;


Whereas, after using the definition for the last 2 years the DET has recommended that the definition be revised;


And Whereas, low wage earners will be defined as those earning less than $11/hour and high wage earners to be those earning between $11 and $17.99 per hour for the purposes of prioritizing services;


THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED, that on this day, September 26, 2001 the Workforce Development Board hereby approves the modified definition to be:

An employed individual with an hourly wage that is greater than $18 per hour will be considered self-sufficient.


David Vickery, Chair                                                                           

Workforce Development Board of Oswego County, Inc.