Local Policies


Budget Modification Policy (8/2014)
Business Services/Customized Training Policy (5/2006)
Concurrent Enrollment Policy (5/2006)
Demand Occupation List Policy  (5/2009)
Eligible Training Provider List - Initial Eligibility
Eligible Training Provider List - Subsequent Eligibility
Individual Training Account (ITA) Policy (12/2012; rev. 8/2014)
Needs-Related Payment (NRP) Policy (7/2009)
On-the-Job Training (OJT) Policy (7/2014)
Priority of Service Policy (7/2015)
Self Sufficiency Policy (5/2006)
Supportive Services Policy (8/2014)
Training Limits Policy (12/2012)
Unsatisfactory Youth Providers (8/2014)
WIA Complaint Resolution Policy (5/2006)
Youth Definitions (8/2014)
Youth Incentive (7/2016)


Note: A motion was made and carried at the September 23, 2015 Full Board meeting to extend the policies approved under WIA to WIOA until regulations have become final.