Local Policies


Budget Modification Policy (12/2016)
Concurrent Enrollment Policy (5/2006)
Customized Training Policy (12/2016)
Demand Occupation Policy  (12/2016)
Eligible Training Provider List - Initial Eligibility
Eligible Training Provider List - Subsequent Eligibility
Follow-Up Services (12/2016)
Individual Training Account (ITA) Policy (12/2016)
Needs-Related Payment (NRP) Policy (03/2017)
On-the-Job Training (OJT) Policy (12/2016)
Personally Identifiable Information Policy (12/2016)
Priority of Service Policy (12/2016)
Self Sufficiency Policy (12/2016)
Supportive Services Policy (12/2016)
Training Limits Policy (12/2012)
Unsatisfactory Youth Providers (12/2016)
Veteran's Priority of Service Policy (12/2016)
WIA Complaint Resolution Policy (5/2006)
Work Experience (12/2016)
Youth Definitions (12/2016)
Youth Incentive (7/2016)


Note: A motion was made and carried at the September 23, 2015 Full Board meeting to extend the policies approved under WIA to WIOA until regulations have become final.  Updated policies effective 12/1/16 posted.